We have big plans for the site and look forward to sharing these with you shortly. A key objective that we are looking to achieve is to provide information that we believe our site’s visitors will find beneficial. There are lots of sites out there that provide useful information, but we thought it would be beneficial to launch one more!

Eric Young and William Carol met in early 2015 (hence our url ewyc2015.be). They decided that it would be a great idea to create a project about their life experiences, both personally and professional. They hope to share these words of wisdom here at eywc2015.be.

As experienced project planners, the first topic of conversation was how to launch a project of this nature.

With any project of this nature, particularly the design, structure and layout of a site such as eywc.be, it is important to take a hollistic approach to the overall project. It’s important to think strategically before starting a project, and to define clear and coherent goals. In designing any type of site it’s important to have an overall plan. It’s then far easier to break this plan down into smaller segments, a process that makes project planning far simpler.

Whilst individual plans may be highly detailed, project planning itself does not need to be overly complex. PlanningĀ and making a declaration about it is often an area misunderstood by both professionals in industry and the general public at large. As with all problem solving, it’s important to diagnose the problem before launching into a solution. Without understanding the problem, it’s always going to be challenging to offer an appropriate solution, yet alone a solution that is ultimately successful.