In this section of the site we will provide information about declarations.  We hope that this will be of interest to the sites visitors.

A declaration can be defined as ‘a formal or explicit statement or announcement’.  However, for sports fans, particularly those interested in cricket, a declaration is when a team declares an innings as closed!

As you can see there are a number of different definitions of a declaration.  This is an interesting subject and is a classic example of how the English language can mean two completely different things.

Declarations can be used in a huge number of different scenarios.  Some examples can be found below:

Declaration of Trust

A declaration of trust is often used by solicitors in order to protect ones assets.  For example, if you were to enter into a financial arrangement with another party and were looking for a method to protect your assets, a solicitor may suggest implanting a declaration of trust. Trusts of this nature can be used in a variety of cases, dependent of course on the country you reside in and the corresponding governing laws.  So for example within the UK, there have been reports of the use of protected trust deeds on a variety of issues, from dealing with property transactions to addressing online casino gambling debts.